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Matt Bonds

Lianjia Company

Have worked with Rescope marketing since early summer. They have been great and delivered with results and great service. Will be launching a couple more projects with them very soon. Highly recommend using them


Rosanna Stroud

VP of Operation, ReScope Marketing

As an Employee of ReScope Marketing I have enjoyed the challenges that come with a startup. The vision and energy here is contagious. When I enter our office every morning I feel the intense positive high energy from our leadership which creates a positive and productive working environment.

Everyday the growth within this company is exponential and I'm not even talking revenue, I'm talking about purpose. Jeff and Brad have this gift of making an individual feel valued and appreciated. Everyday is crazy busy, but never exhausting. Everyday is F U N, it has never felt like "work" but that you are apart of something exciting and bigger than you can imagine.

ReScope is an amazing company to work for!


Semaj Maharg

Thank you ReScope Marketing, their team continued to ensure that the logo that i wanted happened. They went back and forth until i was 100% satisfied.


ReScope is amazing to work with. They are quick to respond and work with what it is that I need. I will always use ReScope!


Rich Learned,

Owner of Proactive Property Maintenance

My Experience with ReScope Marketing has been incredible from the start! I have been with them for 12 months now and I am currently averaging a 8x return on my investment month over month. They are organized, helpful and flexible. They go above and beyond, they have been a real pleasure to work with! From graphics and website design to paid advertising, ReScope Marketing does it all, and they do it extremely well! We definitely would recommend ReScope Marketing to any company that wants to scale up and increase their digital marketing footprint.


I worked for an agency in the past, and was very wary about joining another marketing agency because of the bad taste they left in my mouth, only caring about the money first, client second, with no transparency. I was unbelievably hesitant even seeing the opportunity. But the direction the owner and the client experience is there best product headline, I at least had to give a chance, because of a bad experience, I didn't want to negate an opportunity.

Flash forward, a week, then...

I have been with ReScope for only 4 weeks, and I just have to say, this team, this environment, the direction of where they are headed, and how much they care about their clients, and my new onboarded clients is unmatched from what I have seen in the past. Immediately the professionalism and family nurturing so that they can scale business through the digital platforms, have only dropped my jaw in awe.

Great success is touching the family/clients and in turn so is ReScope. I couldn't believe how organised and experienced they were, with there innovations.

Keep and eye on this great company, they are doing absolutely an incredible movement where everyone is winning.

I'm not impressed easily, but impressed I am.

Great work ReScope. Thank you for taking care of our clients and staff the way you do.


Scott Coombs,

Scott The Solar Guy

Great Marketing company. They take time to address issues and get results. Great to see a company that doesn't treat you like a number


Rodel Sinapilo 

Sr. Web Developer, ReScope Marketing

As a write this, I have been working at ReScope Marketing as a senior web developer for more than 1 year now. Over the course of time, I could say that ReScope has become a family to me. The work culture and the management are hands down one of the best companies I have worked for. I can say that ReScope does have an excellent work ethics and they really have a vision that provides direction to move forward towards its goal. There is certainty in every move that they take which makes work bearable even though it is somewhat challenging.

When it comes to their clients, they really provide the BEST experience as much as they can. They make sure to understand what the client wants & needs. They are not just after the money but they see to it that they were able to help the business thrive and be profitable which really embodies the company's belief that "We put the Human connection into Digital Marketing".

On a more personal note, one thing that really stands out is that this company has a HEART. The care & concern that Jeff & Brad exemplifies towards its employee is authentic. They will go beyond their comfort zone just to meet your needs and help you the best way they can. They treat me as a family and in return, I can consider them my brothers and not solely as a boss or colleague. That is why it is not hard for me to support their vision for the company because they really let me feel that I am valued here and that I am a part of it.

Thankful & Blessed to be working in this company!

Jeferson Goez

Director of Sales, ReScope Marketing

Natasha Jansson Knaus

Veritas Funding


Jeremiah Lim, Owner

Huntington Learning Center

South Jordan-Utah

I am the owner of a tutoring and test preparation business and have enjoyed working with Rescope on increasing my social media presence. In just a month with them, I have noticed a difference. They take a very data driven approach and numbers don’t lie. You’ll want to know exactly how your marketing dollars are being spent and Jeff and Brad will make sure that happens. I’m sure you’ll find their services beneficial. I highly recommend you look into their services.


Austin Tate

Owner, East Side Hype

Since day one these guys have gone out of there way to try to make whatever i wanted happen. even when we did not see eye to eye on a task at hand, and how to reach the goal they where happy to do things how i wanted, very professional. theres also been countless times i have gotton services done that usually would cost a couple hundred dollars but hey took care of it just because they could. i would recommend these gutys for any type of web building or coding, as well as running social media platforms and all forms of e marketing, any day. .........oh and my website they built is something else, great work! like nothing else around. they helped me start my clothing store and sneaker shop that now does very well.


Drew Renfro

CEO, The Pioneer Group

I’m a political consultant who has worked in politics and public relations for seven years. NEVER have I worked with an easier company to handle my clients internet/social media presence. They helped me develop a digital marketing plan, produced content for said plan, and made adjustments to that content at the very last minute.

With what I do, it is important to be immediately responsive and willing to change directions at the drop of a hat while maintaining the quality of your product. ReScope easily kept stride and impressed me with their ability to handle any problem that arose. 

In my opinion they went above and beyond what I paid for. Thats why I’ll faithfully use ReScope in the future.


Pauline Masaniai,

Tees Green Clean

Rescope Marketing has been an amazing marketing tool for our company. They are very customer centered and data driven. Brad and Jeff have taken the time to meet with us to create a marketing package that fits our needs and our budgets. After the first month of working together, we met again, evaluated our progress and we’re able adjust their marketing services to address changes that had occurred within our business.  We feel comfortable talking with them, they have given valuable feedback and we are excited for the future!


Josh Christensen

Owner, My Friendly Home Service

We have been working with rescope for months now and they have gotten us leads worth over $100,000 in revenue! Glad we have them a shot!


Camellia Jakominich

Owner, eZential Yoga

I started with Rescope Marketing in December of 2018 and in those short months, my Instagram followers grew from under 1000 to over 5000.  The posts that they do to represent my yoga company are fantastic and professional.  They work perfectly with the personal posts I do myself for my yoga company.  They are always open to suggestions and they are the first people I turn to when I have an idea about my business to increase clientele.  They have revamped my website to make it more appealing and more user-friendly.  They created my own YouTube channel for me and a blog as well.  I feel I have more traction in the ever growing Yoga market and I know that my growth thus far has been in large part because of my partnership with them.  I would recommend Rescope to any business wanting to grow in this ever present world of social media.

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