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8 Facts, Tips or Strategies about the Music Industry

What does it mean to be successful in the music industry? For some artists the level of success can vary from being a fulltime content creator to being on the top 40 billboard charts in the US. But regardless of your goals, and aspirations, there are some musical industry tips that everyone can benefit from in the emerging digital music marketplace in 2023. 

8 Tips to find success in the music industry in 2023 and beyond…

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 8 ways to succeed in the music industry in 2023 (or indeed any year)! 

Top 8 Music Industry Success Tips:

Quantity over quality.

In the words of Ed Sheeran, “Run the tap ’til the dirty water runs clean!”. This means you have to output a higher quantity of music before the good stuff starts flowing. Like most careers, anyone who puts in the time towards mastery has a higher chance of success than the beginner who puts in little to no effort. 

Also, think about your audience who's expecting the highest quality of music when they are browsing the internet for great recommended music on Youtube and Spotify. These platforms are literally built to find an algorithm to grow your online audience. Now is your opportunity to make great music and to achieve your level of success in the music industry if you apply yourself as an artist. 

Number #1 Rule, Make great music! 

1. Make music that you like 

This is an easy trap to fall into – chasing popularity and fame, rather than following your heart when it comes to producing music. 

Music production is a time-consuming endeavor, so it makes sense to enjoy the time you spend making it.

2. Be consistent – Consistency is key!

Gaining online traction in the music industry is a game of consistency. If you release a couple of tracks, then nothing for a year, you’ll lose the overall momentum and online followers you gained over the years. So it’s important to keep showing up, and putting in the work. 

Most online musical artists typically have 3 finished songs for a release in their schedule calendar. Allowing you to space in a few months to catch up on creating music and not being overwhelmed with fan expectations.  3. Set goals

Setting goals is an essential system that will help you form good writing habits. By getting 

into the habit of goal-setting, you reduce your risk of forgetting to fulfill your task and achieving your content calendar schedule in the music making process. 

4. The Music Business in the digital era

Traditionally! The music industry has thrived on the relationship between the artist and the record label. In many way’s they go together like PB&J but in today’s growing digital economy why would an independent artist go to a record label? Simple answer is the artist can focus on the music production and the label can focus on maximizing your potential and growth in this new digital economy. 

Depending on the label, new or old, the label can only thrive if the artist has the sound and creativity your audience is looking for in this new era of algorithmic platform economy. The top platforms leading the charts in 2023 is YouTube and Spotify along with emerging new Web3 platforms such as Tune.FM

If an artist collaborated with a label that knew the potential of Web3 this can become an emerging cash cow for both the artist and label. Only time will tell the future of Tune.FM. but companies such as ReScope Records have invested a great amount of time and resources with its new Web3 inspired venture, and soon os to be announced in the upcoming years with this company and its newly signed artist. 

5. Turn Social Media followers to emails 

Even if you are starting out in the music industry, we strongly recommend starting to build an email list as soon as possible to generate income on ticket sales, digital exclusives, and merchandise - you won’t regret it. 

6. Get discovered on Music Platforms 

Influencer Marketing is a hot term most people have used in recent years, but it actually is one of the fastest ways to scale your popularity online. Whether it’s performing a free concert on a popular podcast or offering a free collaboration with your favorite artist online. Getting discovered has been a lot easier with popular sites like StreamYard and YouTube. 

Get on collaborating and start working on your next free performance with your favorite artist YouTube or podcast channel. The algorithm should take care of the rest and help you in the long run to rank your name on the search engines when people are searching for your music online. 

7. Enjoy yourself 

This is key! Try not to forget that you are starting this journey out of the love for music and production. Feel the love, life’s too short not to enjoy making music.  

8. Be Bold 

A bit obvious, but easy to forget. Stay healthy, stay well, and don’t party too hard (too often!) It’s much easier to produce music if you're not too tired all the time, and always have a healthy work- life balance so if needed go to a counselor or friends to discuss your day-to-day activities just remember there's alway help. 

Oh, and high quality plugs for loud gigs are a must! 

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