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6 Tips to Achieve an Outdoorsy Lifestyle

Fresh air, sun, trees. Nature is a wonderful thing, and according to some studies, the outdoors can have strong healing powers — such as improving mood, boosting the immune system and reducing our stress, muscle tension and heart rates. 

In this article we are going to point out the 6 tips to achieve a more enriching outdoorsy lifestyle, something we fully believe benefits you both physically and mentally.

Here are the 6 tips to Achieve an Outdoorsy Lifestyle:

  1. Finding Your Crowd

We are who we hang out with is a phrase that rings true in the outdoorsy community. Whether you are a solo hiker or embark on a group excursion with your closest friends, finding that perfect group of people who love nature just as much as you do can be a rewarding experience to maintain that outdoorsy lifestyle. 

Share your journey and outdoor experience on social media to gain your online tribe of outdoor enthusiasts. Hopefully you can reconnect with old college buddies who share your same passion for the outdoors and coordinate a time to book a group execution on your next hike. 

  1. Invest in the Right Gear

In the outdoors there really is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing and gear.  Spending more time in nature calls for investing in gear that will tackle all the elements of weather, and having the correct clothing, tools and knowledge to navigate the outdoors will make or break your experience. So plan a trip to your local outdoor recreational shop and purchase all the gear and clothing you need for your next adventure. 

  1. Make a Commitment to the Outdoors

Since the global shutdown, most people have been taking life pretty easy in their homes and having to put aside the great outdoors and replace it with hours of social media and very little physical activity. 

Now is the time to start making your commitment to get back into the outdoors as we are finally getting back into the rhythm of normal life. You can start small with a local 1-mile hike around the neighborhood, and gradually plan your next adventure to your local national park.  Consider building up your mental and physical health as you prepare for your next weekend getaway.

  1. Get the Right Vehicle

It’s much easier to get outdoors when your vehicle is suitable for it. Also, purchasing a new vehicle is easier said than done but a clever more affordable way to get outdoors is to rent a vehicle for the weekend, like a new ford bronco or jeep, allowing you to get off the beaten path into the places where your heart is happiest.

  1. Plan your visit to the Outdoors

You don’t have to hike 10 miles through a National Park to experience the outdoors. Even if you live in an urban area, take a stroll down the street or read a book in a park to achieve that outdoorsy lifestyle. Sprawling cities today are making a commitment to create more outdoor spaces for their local community, So don’t make any more excuses and start your local adventure today.

  1. Join the RT Coalition

The Rough Terrain Coalition is a new outdoors sweepstakes website that offers fans an opportunity to win outdoor gear and cash giveaways. So far they have announced one lucky winner in Twin Falls, Idaho on their website. This new website offers customers an opportunity to purchase outdoor gear that's stylish and comfortable for your next weekend adventure, and If you are looking for a new and cool outdoor community look no further than the RTCoalition. Go ahead and purchase a few items on their website today. You can visit them here in the link below:

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