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We take pride in our work at ReScope Concrete. We repair and maintain your concrete surfaces! From patio removal to patio replacement, we do it all!

Call today to schedule a FREE onsite estimate! 

We don't just fix driveways! We offer Modern and Traditional concrete walkways custom made to your home's design! 

Get a FREE onsite estimate today! 

Schedule Your Free Inspection! We’ll inspect your current surfaces, listen to your specific problems, and make sure we have an affordable solution. We're always here to help.

Check out this fresh concrete install from the team at ReScope Concrete of Salt Lake City.  

Get a FREE inspection from your local concrete experts! 

ReScope Concrete is a Licensed & Insured concrete company that officers professional services in the Salt Lake City and surrounding area. Protect your investment and get your concrete inspected today! Contact us at 

Be proud of where you park! Keep your driveway looking good and feeling safe all year round.  

Contact us today at

Your dream driveway is one appointment away! Visit to request a free inspection today! 

Do you want your driveway to last a long time? We can help make that happen. 

Call today to schedule a FREE onsite estimate! Contact us: 

It's time to enjoy your driveway and patio to the fullest. Get a FREE onsite inspection today from your local ReScope concrete expert! Contact us: 

Have a concrete project on your to-do list? Contact The ReScope Concrete today. Even if you simply want to chat about your concrete concerns, we're always here to help.

Get a FREE onsite estimate today! 

At ReScope Concrete, it's not just about keeping your concrete in great shape. It's about meeting your needs. Need a stained walkway around your house? Our experts can help! Visit to request a free inspection today! 

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